Thursday 15 January 2015

Antisemitism - is the genie now out of the bottle?

15 January 2015

What a moment to relaunch the Academic Friends of Israel digest after a gap of three and a half years, so much  has changed with the murder of 17 people in Paris last week.

Jew hatred and antisemitism are centre stage once again and this time it is front page news. The genie was let out of the bottle last summer with Israel's military operation 'Protective Edge' against Gaza last summer. The coming together of a series of factors such as the conflation of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hatred, the increased use of social media and an anti-Israeli narrative promoted by the media all combined to ensure an upsurge in antisemitism which was the longest period of sustained antisemitsm in Europe since the Second World War.

Last week it was Muslim extremists targeting Jews for no other reason than that they were Jews. This week  in Britain the results of survey by the  'grass roots activists' the Campaign Against Antisemitism of the Jews and the wider population have been published. The outcome has been headlines such 'Almost half of Britons hold antisemitic view, poll suggests', 'Warning over rising tide of anti-Semitism in Britain with one in eight people claiming that Jews talk about the Holocaust to get sympathy'. The Jewish Chronicle  has carried out its own survey, their headline was '88% of British Jews have not considered leaving UK'. This means 12%  or one in ten have considered making Aliyah. The message is the same, that Anglo Jewry is worried and unless something is done by our leaders and politicians it is only going to worse.

Sadly, the leaders of the Anglo Jewry have once again been found wanting as they were last summer by the grassroots activists who are dictating the agenda when it comes to combating rising antisemitism and as a result gaining all the headlines.

I found recently some very interesting data published by the Community Security Trust (CST). You probably knew that between 2008 and 2012 there were an average 600 antisemitic incidents in Britain each year, approximately 10 every week? But did you know that there were only an average of 10 successful prosecutions each year, out of the 600 reported incidents. This indicates to me something is not quite right, although I have been told this is pretty good compared to other European countries. Do our politicians and lawmakers have the will to do something before it's too late, I hope so,  because we all know what is heading our way. 

Was Benjamin Netanyahu right when he made an impassioned call for French Jews to immigrate to Israel, the killing of  four Jews in a kosher supermarket in Paris?  Some may disagree with me but I think he was right, as Marc Goldberg wrote in his blog about Netanyahu's presence in Paris;

"When they looked up at the bimah, at the Jew, the former commando, the man who lost his own brother to terrorists they saw a man they knew would put his own life on the line to defend theirs. This is why it was the Prime Minister of Israel who received the applause from the crowd upon arrival, this is why it was the Prime Minister of Israel that they all wanted to hear speak. This is the man from the country overseas whose doors will always be open to them. The country where every man and woman of military age will fight against the very same people who attacked them."

Do not forget that  if you say he was wrong then you are playing in to the hands of the current Palestinian narrative that the Jews have no connection with the Land of Israel, even though we have been there  for 2000 years.

Ronnie Fraser


The Academic Friends of Israel

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